Delano family being killed with witchcraft from Indio ca

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Herman Jimenez and Gage Tim Devore with their helping hands Remy who is known to be dead but yet he's alive helping these men take lives of innocent people and children. Teresa, mother of Remy children, Clarissa a homegirl from their neighborhood, and Geisel Remy's sister. Are the ones that have been involved with taking out all of their hometown neighborhood leaving behind images of his victims on the grounds around their homes and outer area with a back way into their neighborhood by back road to go and come and not be seen. Through out the back of the empty desert is not so empty but filled with bodies of their victims and also another area in Dillion Rd in Indio ca they figured they got away with doing it there in Indio and are now here attacking my family because I wouldn't help them pull children from their beds at night because this man is a pedaphile. if your children are having nightmares and unusual skin rashes, telling you that someone is touching them please report it to authorities it is true your children wouldn't lie about someone scaring them. I wish evil would of did something more like make a report or let someone know because these same people have taken my son's and put another in their place like Herman and Remy and they had my son for 5 yrs and I couldn't get help or police to check on his guy out. he's able to move around that invisible and undetected by astro projecting and witchcraft. Now they ate here in Delano so just he aware and report whatever you see or hear especially late nights on the freeways you'll hear screams voices and crying and that is when they are doing evil stuff out there. Also you'll notice a change in the street lights they be really bright like s stadium and they'll be in that circle doing whatever they do. So around 1 am to around 4am they are outside on the freeways in by ampm and 11th st. Bridge and on the 99 by the dealership and off ramp going south. I know this because they did this to me and I need to let this be known hopefully we can get a team of scientist or special recording devices up to catch these devil worshipping scum bags.. be careful out there and stay prayed up. God Bless

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I know a girl who isn't a human she's a changeling.

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Creeo que te puedo alludar

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